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About Us

Our History

Here at Universal Movers LLC, we first began moving the San Francisco area in 2010. We were a family-owned and operated company, and have continued that tradition to this day.

To allow us to offer our moving services to even more people and help them move even longer distances, we partnered with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to become an interstate agent. Since then, the brand has transitioned to Wheaton World Wide Van Lines, of which we are still an interstate agent. The brand name may have changed, but the great service has remained the same!

Where We Are Now

Since our start, we have been able to open up a new location in Los Angeles, in addition to San Francisco. We are excited to have the opportunity to provide great moving services to this area.

Universal Movers LLC has been certified as a ProMover by the ATA: Moving & Storage Conference. In order to receive this certification, we met certain benchmarks for professional business standards and signed a signatory agreement that has bound us to ATA MSC’s bylaws and Code of Ethics.

We are proud to be the preferred provider of MEDA, Mission Economic Development Agency, in San Francisco. This non-profit, rooted right in the heart of the Mission District, is working tirelessly to advance a national equity movement for Latino prosperity, community ownership, and civic power.

Universal Movers LLC is a minority-owned and operated business that proudly supports LGBTQ+ rights.

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