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Commercial Movers

Commercial moving trucks from Universal Movers LLC

For over a decade, Universal Movers LLC has managed hundreds of commercial moves. Over time, we’ve been able to refine our moving and storage practices to give our customers a more efficient move. We can move your business or plant to a new location.

Our team at Universal Movers has expertise in relocating small and large businesses by providing expert assistance during the moving process.

No matter where you’re relocating your business–down the hall, across the street or even over state lines–our goal is to provide minimal disruption and downtime so your business can continue as usual.

Commercial Moving Services

Office rightsizing

In addition to our commercial relocation services, we offer additional move management services that can be added to your custom move plan including:

  • Warehouse distribution services
  • Office & Industrial (O&I) Moves
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) warehousing and delivery
  • Library Moves
  • Project Management Transportation
  • National Move Management
  • File & Server Relocation

Commercial Moving Checklist

Relocating a business involves a lot of “moving” parts.

So we have compiled a checklist to help you feel less overwhelmed about your move:

  • Determine your budget: If you are not working with unlimited funds, it is best if you make a plan based on services and costs such as movers, packing supplies and equipment, setup costs and additional services.
  • Appoint a Leader: Choose someone internally who you trust to lead the move effort. This person will need proven skills in logistics and communication.
  • Research and Hire Professional Movers: Ensure the movers you choose are fully licensed and insured. Look for red flags and investigate what insurance or liability coverage you already have or may need to increase.
  • Create a Moving Layout and Schedule: Once you lease your new office space, you will want to implement a layout and schedule for your new office. Post new office layout and delivery schedule to ensure your entire team and our moving team understand where items need to be placed.
  • Check Current and New Lease Details: Discuss with your current landlord if there will be any details to take care of when you move out. Ensure you have your precise move-in date for your new space. Taking care of these details eliminates most surprises before they happen.
  • New Location: Does your new landlord restrict times for moving, require use of certain elevators or have specific parking for trucks? If you are not sure, it is always best to double check before finalizing any more plans.

Bay Area Commercial Movers

Professional commercial movers from Universal Movers LLC

Years of experience ensure Universal Movers has the capability to understand the complex ins-and -outs of the moving process.

Universal Movers LLC is dedicated to quality customer care and services. We will treat your move like as we’d treat our own: with reliability and affordability.

For further information regarding our office move services, complete our free online quote form or feel free to contact us at (800) 621-2671.

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