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It is such a great satisfaction after our service our clients are grateful for our work It was an honor for us to have helped them.
and continue to move our adult people

Universal Movers LLC is the only company that is certified to move our adult people in the Bay Area

Posted by Universal Movers LLC on Saturday, June 20, 2020


Universal Movers LLC is your Silver Certified Mover by Wheaton World Wide Moving. We are the experts at moving older adults.

Endorsed by the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), Wheaton World Wide Moving created the Silver Certification program to ensure Wheaton movers are experts at accommodating the unique needs and requirements of moving older adults.

Universal is the only local Wheaton agent to have earned the Silver Certification. We would like to put our years of experience moving older adults to work for you.


Older Adults Moving Services

Universal Movers LLC offers a complete range of moving services, tailored to your needs and the needs of your loved ones.

We have specially trained, compassionate staff who will handle the intake of your move by providing you with a customized moving plan based on an initial quote.

Our goal is to understand every aspect of your move. Whether you choose full-service or concierge-style services, we have a nationwide and worldwide network of moving agents to help move you anywhere you want to be.


Older Adults Move Managers

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After completing our free quote form, you and a designated move manager will work together to map out your move plan designed specifically around your budget and service requirements.


Local Moving Services

Our local moving services are also designed to help older adults with moves of up to 50 miles without any stress. Services include packing and unpacking, additional packing materials and on-site or video surveys.


Long-Distance Moving Services

Retired and ready to start having fun? Anywhere you want to move, we’ve got you covered. Our national network of over 400 agents gives us the market coverage large enough to move you anywhere you need to go.


Warehouse Storage

Store your items in our safe, secure warehouse, and our climate-controlled environment ensures your antiques, clothes and other items are safe and dry. Our warehouse is under 24/7 surveillance so you can have peace of mind your items are well secured.


Labor-Only Services

Labor-only services are ideal for those looking to move their furniture, appliances or other heavy items. Whether you need something taken out or put into storage, or just need your home rearranged, we can handle the heavy lifting.


Moving Tips for Older Adults

Ready to get moving? Before you start, make sure you consider these five simple tips:

  1. Don’t go it alone: Call on friends and family to help you prepare for the move. Make a list which includes everything from labeling and assembling boxes to making phone calls. Remember, Universal Movers LLC has all the packing supplies you will need.
  2. Declutter: Now that you’re moving, this is a great opportunity to donate any items to your loved ones or a charitable organization.
  3. Storage: Arrange for storage in advance. You’ll be glad you did.
  4. Essentials: Keep any essentials such as prescriptions and medical documents nearby during the move.
  5. Take pictures: If you already enjoy your current home layout, take plenty of pictures so our movers know exactly how you’d like your new home to be set up.


Helping Older Adults Move

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For over a dozen years, Universal Movers LLC has provided moves for older adults in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. We treat every senior move with the utmost respect and care. We take care of seniors as if they were our own family.

For more information about senior move services and a free quote, please fill out our quote form. You can also call us at: (800) 621-02671.

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